What hit songs did Neil Diamond write for other artists?

Jun 13, 2024

Neil Diamond is renowned for his powerful vocals and timeless hits such as “Sweet Caroline” and “Cracklin’ Rosie.”

What many people may not realize is that Diamond lent his songwriting skills to other artists as well. 

Let’s talk about some songs that showcase Neil Diamond’s versatility and his impact on American pop music.

 “I’m a Believer” – The Monkees

One of the most surprising entries on this list is “I’m a Believer,” which became a massive hit for the 1960s pop group, The Monkees. Neil Diamond’s catchy songwriting skills took center stage, propelling the track to the top of the charts. Its infectious melody and upbeat lyrics made it an instant classic and solidified Neil Diamond’s reputation as a talented songwriter.

“Red, Red Wine” – UB40

“Red, Red Wine” is an irresistible reggae-pop anthem that became UB40’s signature song. However, it was Neil Diamond who initially crafted this soulful tune. Neil Diamond’s version, released in 1967, was more mellow and reflective. Years later, UB40’s energetic reimagining breathed new life into the song, transforming it into a worldwide sensation.

“The Boat That I Row” – Lulu

In the swinging ’60s, Scottish singer Lulu scored a hit with “The Boat That I Row.” Written by none other than Neil Diamond, the song captures the essence of the era with its catchy hooks and Lulu’s powerful vocals. It showcased Neil Diamond’s ability to craft dynamic tracks that resonated with diverse audiences.

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“Sunday Sun” – Glen Campbell

In 1968, Glen Campbell released a stunning rendition of “Sunday Sun,” penned by Neil Diamond. Campbell’s smooth vocals complemented the song’s dreamy atmosphere, showcasing Diamond’s exceptional songwriting skills. The track’s gentle melodies and introspective lyrics became a fan favorite and demonstrated Neil Diamond’s ability to capture complex emotions through his music.

Neil Diamond’s songwriting catalog is remarkably vast. Check out other songs you didn’t know Neil Diamond wrote that were made famous by other artists.